MK series

Industrial Drying Oven

The MK series high temperature ovens covers the needs of the whole industry, a variety of optional accessories are available.

Volume:60 to 1000 liters
Temperature range: RT+15℃~+250℃.

Ideal for high-precision temperature control, and to ensure the reliability and repeatability of the results.


  • Temperature uniformity 1~2%, meet almost all test standards;
  • The control panel is simple and easy to operate;
  • Optional button controller/touch screen controller;
  • Smaller and more effective; non-standard multi-layer can be customized;
  • Motors with new energy efficiency standards can optimize heat output with low energy consumption;
  • Thermal insulation, insulation and reliable door seal design.

Standard Temperature Ranges:
Type A: maximum operating temperatures of 200°C
Type B: maximum operating temperatures of 300°C
Type C: maximum operating temperatures of 400°C
Type D: maximum operating temperatures of 500°C