MVH series

Temperature Humidity and Vibration Three Integrated Test Chamber

BIO LAB MVH series can be used for high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature cycle tests, as well as constant damp heat and alternating damp heat tests on new energy auto components, and can be seamlessly connected with the vibration table, which can realize the three factors of temperature-humidity-vibration comprehensive test.


  • Provides virtual space to simulate the real environment, product inspection, and verification of R&D results for batteries, aerospace, aviation, electronics, automotive and other products and test institutes such as quality inspection institutes, research institutes, colleges and universities. The test chamber is a great assistant to shorten the development cycle and to improve product quality and reliability.
  • The observation window is made by tempered glass with a layer of explosion-proof film to prevent the impact of battery explosion.
  • An independent over-temperature protection controller is used for over-temperature protection, which can ensure that when an explosion with a pressure less than 0.14 MPa occurs, people and objects five meters away from the environmental chamber are not damaged, but it may cause damage to the environmental chamber.