MS series

Three-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber

3-Zone Thermal Shock Chambers from BIO LAB is suitable for test items that are not convenient to move.

It consist of two separately controlled hot and cold zones (one atop the other) with product being transferred vertically by a pneumatic basket for rapid product temperature changes. The conditioned air is pre-cooled or pre-heated beyond the set point, allowing quicker recovery of the desired condition after transfer.

Standard Models:
48L, 72L, 80L, 100L, 150L and 216L

Interior dimensions can be customized according to specimen sizes and your testing requirements.

Temperature Range:
Hot zone to +180℃ (356° F)
Cold zone to -75℃ (-103° F)
Other temperature range available

Recovery time : ≤ 3minutes

High / Low temperature exposure time: 30minutes
Automatic transfer of test specimens between hot zone and cold zone
Basket transfer time within 10 Sec.